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Rainbow colored hair, pixie cuts, corkscrew nails and neon make up are on the vogue now. Though these are relatively recent fashion fads, one of the older trends which adorned women back in the Late 80s and Early 90s are the permanent waves, fondly called as Perms. Does this word bring tears of nostalgia to your mom and granny and you feel that you ought to stay away from this look to avoid looking similar to your mom’s Throw Back Thursday pictures? Think again! Because this old friend of the stylists has made a comeback into the world of hair dressing minus the harmful chemicals and excess heat.

Body Wave Perm is one of the popular plongerming styles because of its ability to suit any type of hair and easy maintenance. If you want to add some texture and volume to your seemingly boring hair, then Body Wave Perm might be the style you are looking for. They suit almost every hair type and hair length. Body wave perm gives your hair a wavy look which is somewhere between straight hair and beach waves. Not too curly, not too messy. That is what a Body Wave Perm is.

Do you have naturally straight, fine or a hair that refuses to hold a wave, then body wave perm is your perfect solution. However, if you previously chemical treated hair by  methods like extensive hair coloring and heat styling, then you will have to work on your regaining the strength of your hair before chemically altering the structure using body wave perm techniques.

Body Wave Perm For Different Types of Hair:

As mentioned before, Body Wave Perm is such a versatile option and looks great on every hair type and length- be it short, medium or long. Here are some body wave perm ideas depending on your hair type.

Body Wave Perm For Short Hair:

Short hair by themselves are irresistible and synonymous with cute yet hot. This look can be spiced up with body wave perm. Some ways in which you can style your short, body wave permed hair are given below:

Body Wave Perm For Short Hair

Mohawk Perm:

This is a great options if you like the idea of catching two birds using a single stone. Of course, you need to be daring to give this style a go. This involves having straight hair at the sides while the adding some soft body wave curls at the top. This will seem like a culmination of two contrasting styles and will definitely increase your uniqueness quotient.

Burgundy Short Perm:

If you love coloring your hair in vibrant colors, then this one is definitely for you. Add some burgundy to your hair and turn the simple permed bob into an instant eye turner.

Short Wavy Perm:

The pro of perm is that it really does not need a long tress. Even with your short hair, body wave perms can look amazing. See your cuteness increase when your wavy fringes frame your face-line.

Multi-Textured Perm Bob:

You can combine body wave perm with few another curls like tight perms and watch the curls work with a mind of their own. These look so adorable on a bob and makes people marvel at the versatility of these perms.

Bleached Blonde Perm Bob:

Not just with vibrant colors, but body wave perms can look marvelous even on blondes. This style gives you an exotic and sun-kissed appearance. This probably is the best look for summer.

Wet Hot Perm Lob:

Lob has been ruling the fashion world recently. Combined with a wet hot perm, you can increase your game a notch as wet curls look way more defined and will give your lob a relaxed look when allowed to dry naturally and does not require too much styling.

Swooped Bangs Perm:

Have you got short hair and bangs? Use this couple to your advantage and do yourself a fashion favor by giving the bangs a body wave perm. This will be a decision which you will never regret.

Body Wave Perm For Medium Hair:

Sometimes you may feel angry about having medium length hair which can neither be classified into short or long. But worry not! This is a bane, for you can try out the styles of both the lengths and also have your own styles. Medium length hair is so versatile and if you feel anything about it, it should be Happy. Here are some looks to try with body wave perm:

Body Wave Perm For Medium Hair

Olaplex Partial Body Perm:

This is a style which has redefined the process of perming. As the name suggests, thee hair is partially given a body wave perm at the lower half in big rings whereas the your roots remain untouched. Add some straight bangs at the front and fall in love with your new and amazing look.

Huge Body Wave Perm:

Who is not a fan of Julianne Hough’s amazingly huge permed hair? It is medium length hair which has been given some large body wave perms to fake the look of bob. If you love experimenting with your hair, then this style must definitely top your to-do hairstyles list.

Partial Perm Hair:

This is similar to the Olaplex Partial Body Perm. Your hair is permed only at the lower half to create a natural and wavy look. This look gives you a rock star like the look and is damn sexy.

Mixed Digital And Cold Partial Perm:

This look gives you an aura of effortlessness but in reality this is a pretty difficult look to create. First, the lower end of your hair is given big, body wave perms using digital perms. These waves turn into beautiful rings when let to dry. Later,  cold perm s given to your bangs to give loose waves. This style gives you an adorable, girl-next-door look.

Body Wave Perm For Long Hair:

If you have been blessed with long and luscious locks, why not flaunt it with body wave perms and make the world swoon over you?

Body Wave Perm For Long Hair

Voluminous Body Perm:

Having waterfall like hair which cascades down her backs is what we have read in fairy tales, but this look can be achieved by giving your magnificent mane a nice voluminous body wave perm which will last up to six months. This look is easy to maintain and you need not waste hours styling your hair after embracing this look.

Relaxed Waves:

Having a long hair and committing to a single hairstyle sounds like a waste of imagination, right? Give yourself a relaxed body wave perm which will be prominent only wwhen your hair id dry. While they are wet, feel free to try some other styles.

Partial Digital Perm:

If it is your fantasy to have a look which always look like you just blow dried your hair, then this is the look for you. And the best part is that this is the ideal perm style for long hair. This can be done only in salons by a professional hairstylist as certain equipments are required for this style. Your roots remain untouched while the ends would be permed digitally. The midsection will also not be styled, giving you a sophisticated look.

 Big Body Perm:

Go for the big body wave perm if you love large and bouncy curls. This look is elegant and looks very natural. This look has a wow factor that will definitely make you the life of the party.

Tousled Waves Partial Perm:

If you want to keep the fact that you have permed your hair and want a natural look, then opt for this style. In this, only the ends are given a nice body wave perm. When these waves are tousled together, they give you a natural look which looks so effortless and graceful.

Body Wave Perm For Thin Hair:

If you have thin hair which appears boring and lifeless, worry not, for a body wave perm is your saviour. Give your hair a voluminous body wave perm at a good salon after treating your hair with some nourishing serums. Retouch the perms once in 4-6 months and see how amazing and wavy hair will become your second nature and people will forget you once even had thin hair.

Perm Rods:

There are different types of perms and hence you will find a variety of perm rods at the market. Do not get confused by looking at the options. To help you pick out the perfect rod for the perm style you desire, here is the color code guide for perm rods.

SizeColorsPerm Pattern
Small·         Blue

·         Grey

·         Pink

·         Yellow

Very Tight Curls
Medium·         Beige

·         White


Slightly Loose Curls
Large·         Black

·         Green

·         Orange

·         Purple

Soft Body Waves

So from the above table, it is clear that if you want to get a body wave perm, then pick the large rods which have a bigger diameter because the smaller the diameter of the rod is, the tighter your curls will be. Remember this fact while picking out your perm rods.


Body Wave Perm at Home:

Body Wave Perm is not a permanent curling style and therefore is the best option if you want to change your look and yet not commit to a full perm which will last until your hair grows out. A body wave perm typically lasts about 3 to 5 moths depending upon the original texture of your hair. With the availability of loads and loads of Perming Kits, you can style your hair at home once you are familiar with the Knicks and Knacks of perming. It is advised that you watch and learn from a professional stylist to perm your hair in body wave perm before trying it out yourself. Follow these simple steps to get a body wave perm at home. Before beginning make sure your neck is covered properly and it is better to wear some old T-shirts which you would not mind getting soiled.


Step 1: Shampooing:

The shampoo you hair well and then remove excess water using a towel, but keep your hair damp. Create a clean base for working.

Step 2: Sectioning your hair:

Section your hair into four segments, i,.e., two at the side and one at the top and another at the bottom. You can also section into three segments with two at the side and one at the centre.

Step 3: Wrapping:

Remember that you have to wrap small strands your hair with a curling paper on each strand and then place the body wave perm on the curling paper and begin to wrap. Make sure your rods have a bigger diameter as the rule is, thinner the rod, tighter the curls. For body wave perm, we want to create loose and large waves, so pick a curling rod accordingly. After wrapping a strand around the rod, secure it using a small elastic hair band. Take strands of similar size and wrap your entire hair around the rods.

Step 4: Perming Solution:

Once you are done with the wrapping, apply perming solution to every rod, making sure that the solution reaches all the part of your hair. This solution helps to break the disulfide bonds in your hair so that you can create a new texture.

Step 5: Rest:

After applying the solution, let your hair rest for about 30 to 40 minutes.

Step 5: Washing:

Without removing the rods, wash off the perming solution. Dry the hair using a towel. Use a paper towel to remove excess water.

Step 6: Neutralizer:

Neutralizer is a chemical solution which helps to reform the disulfide bonds in the shape of waves. Apply this neutralizer on all parts of your hair. Let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Then wash your hair.

Step 7: Removing the curling rods:

Remove a single rod and see if you have got the desired wave. Once you are happy with the outcome, remove all the curling rods.

Step 8: Drying and Styling:

Once all the rods are removed, let your hair dry naturally or use a hair dryer. Tousle it up to get some volume. Then, style it as you like it. Just don’t disrupt the newly formed body waves.

Body Wave Perm Products:

Perming is a style which requires patience as well as a good investment of your time, care and quality products. The products can be classified into two.

  • Pre-Perm Products
  • Post-Perm Products
  • Pre-Perm Products:

Before undergoing perm you will have to ensure your hair is deeply nourished in order to minimize the damage which is likely to be caused by the chemicals in perming solution and neutralizer and also by heat. So you will need a rich protein clarifying shampoo. Next, you will need the products required  for the process of perming (these are usually included in the perm kit). Other than these, you will need gloves and capes to make sure your skin does not get affected by the chemicals.

Post-Perm Products:

Body wave perm is a relatively low on maintenance perm but it too does need some products so that the waves will be luscious and last long. Some of the products you can use to maintain your hair after getting a body wave perm are:

ProductCostProduct Use
Bumble And Bumble Surf Spray$25To set the texture of waves
Bumble And Bumble Curl Defining Crème$34To block UV rays in order to prolong the duration of waves and protect them
Dove Quench Intense Restore Mask$10To maintain soft and detangled waves
Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner$16To condition thick and coarse curls without making them greasy
Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil Treatment$13To strengthen your hair roots
Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment$14To get softer waves
Jason Thin-To-Thick Extra Volume Shampoo$29To thicken hair and to get a fuller look

The prices of the products mentioned above are from the popular e-commerce website Amazon.

Body Wave Perm Cost:

The cost of the body wave perm differs according to:

  • Your hair length
  • Perm Solution Used
  • Style
  • Perm Technique
  • Salo

  • Hair Length:  If you have long hair, for obvious reasons, it costs you more than perming a pixie cut.
  • Perm Solution Used:  There are different perm solutions such as alkali, acidic or natural. While alkali is preferred for previously untreated hair, acidic solution is suitable for damaged hair. The price of latter is higher than the former.
  • Style:  As mentioned previously, there are a variety of ways in which you can style your body wave perm. Thus the cost differs for every style.
  • Perm Technique:  Many techniques such as exothermic, chemical, cold perm, digital perm etc., are used. The price varies for each technique.
  • Salon:  Finally, the salon which you pick plays a major role in deciding the price of your body wave perm. Choosing a professional and reputed salon means that it will be a little heavy on your pocket but the results will prove that it was worth every penny of yours.

Average Price:

On an average you might be charged $60–$150 for perm, but the above mentioned factors will have a say too. The prices may also go higher than $150, depending on the salon.

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